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park. right now to our continuing coverage of hurricane sandy. >> the national guard is on the move to help. 88 left today from moffett field they're head together east coast after the storm pushes through. that unit is pushing up two planes with choppers and water boats it will deploy from charlotte, north carolina. thousands of flights have been cancelled because of hurricane sandy, that is stranding travelers here in the bay area. >> david louie joins us live from san francisco international airport with more, david? >> the question is closing down those airports... the word cancelled appeared all over the boards, some airlines set up areas just to handle paengss. dr. evans and the family saw their flight cancelled yesterday. he has cancer patients scheduled for chemotherapy. >> only way to figure out how to get home before waens was to fly to st. louis through denver with a three-hour layover, then drive to massachusetts. 22 hours. >> that is a nightmare. >> it's a mess, a mess. i just hope we're safe, driving. >> this passenger flying from l.a. to newark, new jersey. she ended
is tracking remnants of sandy for you now. >> this is a passive storm. it's still producing waves of flooding rain, snow and strong winds sustained winds of 45 miles per hour6/h÷ and stronger gusts. it's amazing. there is a reach from ohio, indiana, maine and into nova scotia. the center of the storm is still producing heavy snow inzv received00 feet already and it's still snowing. let's close in on new england. bands of storms in parts of rhode island, massachusetts, maine and beyond. in southeastern ka da in a -- canada. lifting northward up into eastern canada. as the storm moves into eastern canada we'll see bands of rain and snow affecting parts of the northeastern u.s.. this is a storm. >> today big rigs hit the road carrying trucks and equipment and are expected to arrive by thursday. >> storm still causing chaos fort( travelers. 100 flights cancelled again today at san francisco international airport. >> abc 7 news talked to some of the stranded passengersv:. >> this woman just needs to be back home. after 30 minutes, she still haven't have a flight. >> what happened back there? >> i
they will be prosecuted. the city attorney is promising to file suits and collect damages. now to sandy's siege in the northeast is waning but the damage still being assessed and digested. >> take a look. this is the connecticut side of the long island sound. it is being blamed for 59 deaths, damage estimates into 20 million dollar range. >> death toll now stands at 61. early figures estimate property damage could reach $20 billion. almost 6.5 million homes and businesses are still without power. >> four million of those outages in nork and new jersey. two of the three airports now back open. kennedy and newark. la guardia remains closed. limited subway service expected to resume tomorrow. limb yitd amtrak service is up and running throughout the new jersey corridor. >> brandy hicks has the latest now. >> in new jersey an unimaginable site. natural gas fires burn in the shore community where homes have collapsed. some have been tossed off their foundation. >> further you go down, the houses are gone. >> president obama toured the devastation with governor chris christie. the board walk is in ru
coming up later. >> thank you, spencer. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 aftermath of hurricane sandy. the very latest in the live report from new york. >> could the hurricane make a difference when it comes to next week's elections? one thing that already happened today. >> and a british judge says apple apology to samsung is uncool. we'll explain coming up next in the bloomberg after the >>> residents along the east coast are beginning a long road to recovery in the wake of super storm sandy. life is far from returning to normal. there are long lines of people waiting for buses and trains. power is still out for millions. we are live in new york with the latest. brandy? >> good evening, tension is rising still, days after sandy struck, many families say they haven't received food or aid and for people who are trying to get into u.s. cities to work they've been stuck in gridlock. three days after sandy made land fall, thousands of families in new jersey are still trapped by flood waters. >> it's scary. we don't have that much toochld -- food. we have a little bit. >> natural gas fire
next year or until funds are gone. >> millions of people still in the dark after sandy. why investors are fleeing groupon now. >> nicole lapin joins us with that and the rest of the after the bell report. hi, nicole. >> good afternoon. these portions of the northeast are still without power in the aftermath of hurricane sandy. more than 3.5 million customers still in the dark including 1.6 million in new jersey 1.3s million in new york, 239,000s in connecticut, and a handful of other states. at last check fcc says 19% cell towers are out down 25% from the day before. back on this set, yahoo ceo is remaking her management team. the company moves into mobile she promoted adam cahan to lead efforts. creating an app for apple products and joined yahoo last year, you may recall yahoo bought the company stent last week. investors fleeing groupon ahead of the earnings report next week. the stock fell 5% today to close at a low, $3.83. groupon declined 80% since the company went public a year ago on sunday. investors are worried the ability is not there to generate revenue as well as future d
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5